I initially launched this website with the sole purpose of getting my home-made skin & hair products out to the public.

I wanted to raise awareness on the impact non-organic beauty products had on our health, our planet and its’ inhabitants, while offering a cruelty free beauty alternative.

This is still something I’m doing, but after some thinking, I decided to take a few steps back and remind myself of all the things Sembo actually means to me and the things I’m most passionate about. Colorism being one of these subjects.

Sembo is the word for strong/strength in my mother tongue, Mandinka. A strong & healthy body, mind and soul is nothing short of beautiful to me, and I am on a journey towards maximum strength myself.

Beauty, is however, in the eye of the beholder, which is why it’s quite important to define your own beauty. We are living in the age of social media and are constantly bombarded with ideals, societal constructs and forced opinions on what beauty is supposed to be.

I’ll be sharing my own opinions (they do not reflect, or represent the opinions of the brands of my suppliers, my other employers, or collaborators), while including facts on everything from vegan friendly beauty, hair texture struggles, skin bleaching and more.
I’ll also share tips on how to DIY skin & hair products, and upload video tutorials.

Like earlier mentioned, I’m on a journey myself, so I don’t claim to know everything, but I do love learning, and sharing, so feel free to offer feedback and additional information as I start this new chapter for Sembo Beauty.